PTFE Compounds

Halopolymer, OJSC, has specialized in the manufacturing of both standard and modified PTFE compounds.

Products PTFE compounds exhibits the best performance in terms of temperature resistance, chemical resistance, and non stick properties of the fluoropolymers.

Modified PTFE is a chemically modified version of PTFE that yields a material that exhibits equivalent chemical resistance, increased tensile strength and greater elongation.

Unlike virgin PTFE, conventional plastic techniques can be used to process this material such as thermal bonding and fusing modified PTFE to itself. When a filler or an assortment of fillers are integrated into PTFE, the result is known as a PTFE compound.

Equipped with a wide assortment of capabilities such as base resin and filler refinement, reverse engineering, filler selection and pelletizing technology, HaloPolymer, OJSC successfully satisfies the needs of a distinguished customer base from diverse industries.

The addition of certain fillers to PTFE will improve wear resistance, creep resistance, thermal conductivity and electric conductivity over virgin PTFE while preserving several properties unique to PTFE, including low coefficient of friction, excellent chemical resistance, and a very wide service temperature range.

Product overview

Compounds are based on granular PTFE and can be used for production of articles for low-friction applications.

Typical applications

General purpose: piston rings, bearings, spacers, skived sheets.


20..30 kg cardbox with 2 polyethylene inserts.

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