Fine powder Virgin – DE, DL

Halopolymer PTFE fine powder type D is a product designed for lubricated paste extrusion at reduction ratios up to 600:1. Product is PFOA free.

Product overview: Suited for paste extrusion of pipes and rods for chemical, mechanical, electric applications.
Typical applications: Paste extrusion: pipes, tubes, unsintered tape.
Availability: 9 kg Cardbox with polyethylene insert.

Typical properties of Fluoroplast DE, DL

Properties Test Method Units Typical Value, DL Typical Value, DE
ASTM Type/Grade ASTM D4894 Type 1 Grade 2 Type 1 Grade 2
Bulk density ASTM D4894 g/l 450 ± 50  450 ± 50
Average particle size (d50) Internal, Laser Scatt. µm 400-500  400-500
Std. specific gravity ASTM D4894 g/cm3 2.19  2.19
Tensile strength ASTM D4894 MPa 24  24
Elongation at break ASTM D4894 % 350  340
Extrusion pressure at RR 400 : 1 Internal MPa 35  35


Certificate of conformity FDA 21 CFR 177.1380 & FDA 21 CFR 177.1550 PTFE Intertek
Pacific BioLabs
Certificate of conformity Class VI acc. USP 35 <88> PTFE USA
Declaration of Compliance commission reg. (EU) 10/2011 PTFE SGS Multilab EU
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