Corporate Headquarters in Houston, TX

Corporate Headquarters in Houston, TX

HaloPolymer Trading Inc. was incorporated in 2012 in the state of Texas (USA) under the US and Texas law.

HaloPolymer Trading Inc. (USA) is the exclusive distributor and sole representative of the HaloPolymer, OJSC (Russia) in the US, Europe, Asia and Latin America markets. HaloPolymer Trading Inc. provides promotions and sales on the noted markets fluoropolymers (PTFE) and other chemical products, produced by one of the largest chemical manufacturers in the Russian – HaloPolymer, OJSC.

HaloPolymer, OJSC (Russia) is one of the largest world producers of fluoropolymer products (PTFE) (about 10% of the world market) and the only Russian producer of specialized fluoropolymers (melt processable fluoroplastics and fluoroprenes). HaloPolymer , OJSC is number one Russian producer of freons and one of the leaders in production of inorganic chemistry materials (acids, alkalies, salts).

Currently HaloPolymer Trading has in the United States 6 warehouses in different states, warehouses in Europe (Italy) and Asia (South Korea), two operational offices in the United States and regional representatives.

HaloPolymer Trading Inc. (USA) offer to its customers already custom clear chemical products from noted warehouses with delivery to its customer’s location.

The team of the HaloPolymer Trading Inc. includes international experts in the chemistry, marketing and sales who speaks English, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese, German, French and Arabic languages.

HaloPolymer Trading Inc. is a stable, successful and fast-growing company with big plans and prospects.