Our Elastomers are widely used in technology in a variety of rubber products (seals, valves, gaskets, shock absorbers, etc.), vehicle and aircraft tires, etc. The main technical properties of elastomers are a low modulus, a large reversible strain, low deformation set after the load is removed, good damping characteristics. The requirement of stability of those properties over time leads to the use of elastomers in temperature and load time-frequency ranges, where the strain is relatively close to equilibrium.

Our fluoroelastomers are terpolymer of vinylidene fluoride, hexafluoropropylene and tetrafluorethylene, including functional monomer (cure site monomer). Elaftor 7000 fluoroelastomers contain 70 % fluorine so rubber possess high resistance to oxygen-containing fuels, oil, aromatic hydrocarbon and higher chemical resistance. Among vinyliden containing fluoroelastomers Elaftor 7000 has the lowest rate of fuel permeation.



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